About Us

We are a family located in a small rural community that LOVES Goldendoodles. We treat our pets like family and take them with us whenever possible. The puppies' parents (Zoey and Scooby) are very well behaved, trained and come from reputable breeders.

I am proud to say that we have bred and raised great family pets, that are great with children, and easily placed in wonderful homes.

This outstanding and versatile breed is very kid friendly, cuddly, loving, loyal, smart and so much more. They are very well known for their temperment: Intelligent, Energetic, Trainable, Friendly.

All our puppies are kept indoors and are part of our family. We spend a lot of time with them and will begin some basic training before they they go to their forever home.

Zoey and Scooby Images

  • Zoey feeding babies

  • Zoey and Scooby at Pet Resort

  • The day we got Zoey from breeder

  • Zoey as puppy

  • When we got Scooby from breeder

  • Scooby as puppy

  • Zoey training graduation

  • Zoey and son

  • Zoey on ATV

  • Zoey being carried

  • Zoey camping

  • Zoey in Rv

  • Zoey and Scooby

  • Zoey and Scooby

  • Scooby and Zoey pregnant

  • Zoey and Scooby on Vacation

  • Zoey diva moment

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